Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well I guess that I should update my blog seeing as how it has almost been a year!! Life is good, full of struggles but I think that means that life is going just the way it should! I am happy! I am happy that we have a new little Surprise coming in July! We just found out yesterday that it is another girl! Gooch was a little bummed when he first found out but after we buttered him up with lots of "Your so Special to be the only boy" and "you will have to protect your sisters" he seemed totally fine with it!
I got my insurance license last November and have been able to stay home and work from my new "little" office. It is hard to put in the time I need with 3 little kids running around and a husband who works his toosh off to take care of us. So I haven't gotten "rich" yet but it helps. Noelle told me the other day that "Mom, we are rich! We are rich in love"! She is absolutely right! We are sooooo rich in love!! I have seen so many people around me suffer with true pain and true hurt and it really puts things into perspective! So it's a struggle to pay the bills and I am so tired from kids, work, and pregnancy but at least we have each other and even more so at least we have the gospel!!
This Sunday is Easter! Bunnies, candy, spring toys, dresses, Dye, eggs, baskets, chocolate! Isn't that what it is all about? Not so! It is hard not to get caught up in the worlds definition of Easter. I however am very thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ! He saves me every day! He is the comforter and I know he and our Heavenly Father love us all so much! I am so thankful for his atonement! He is real, he is true, and he is what this world is all about! I pray I can teach my children this truth and teach them of his love! I see so many kids who don't know this and it makes me so sad! How hard life is when he is not in your life! I know, I have been there before! I want my kids to have this knowledge as I send them out into this yucky, dirty, beautiful, special world!
Noelle asked me a question today that tugged a little and made my eyes moist! She said "Mom, don't you miss your Daddy?" Oh sweet Noelle, of course I miss him! I also miss a lot of things that are no more! I miss smelling lilacs in my moms kitchen! I miss the magic and innocence of childhood! I miss the smell of diesel and certs!! I miss going to Grandmas and Grandpa's and playing Tarzan with Ruby, Cheryl, and Kurtis.I miss my sweet smelling mom singing "how much is that doggie in the window" when I was sick. I miss trolling around the neighborhood with Natalie! I miss ice cream cones at Grandma Bridges house! I miss when Grandpa Phil would flood the field behind our house and we would go wading around with the sheep turds and thistles! I miss how simple things were in "hickville"! I miss sugar mums, rice pudding, root beer and the smell of coffee! I miss peppermint and butterscotch candies and those damn green lamps that Grandma Nield would never let us touch! Oh and I miss her too!
Wow the memories are flooding in!! I miss my Dad!
I love my life! I love my husband! He makes me laugh! I love my kids! They make me laugh too!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is a Policeman?

I recieved this video from a Law Enforcement Memorial Group that I am signed up with. It touched me so much. I often find myself having to defend Cops and what they go through on a daily basis. It is something that people will never understand unless they are directly impacted by it. It IS a thankless job. Yes, there are some corrupt Cops but that is less than 1% of those who wear the uniform. Unfortunatly all suffer because of the few. I know that no one likes to get a speeding ticket but what would our streets be like if these Men and Women were not there to patrol them. I am sorry for the horrible things that my husband has seen and will have to see in the future, I am sorry for the things he has to put up with on a daily basis, I am sorry for the disrespect and name calling he has recieved, I am sorry he is so severly underpaid and yet so overworked, but I am so proud of him for what he does and for the genuine love he has for people!
Please click on this link and watch this video!! I dare ya!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Grandma found time to "chill" while we dyed easter eggs!

Ross really got into the action!

Gooch and Toby

The Easter Bunny found Gooch,

and Noelle,

and Capri,

and Toby!

We love Grandma Pulley!

The Pulleys! The best neighbors EVER!!!

Capri getting ready for the hunt!!

Everyone ready to find eggs!



Toby and Gia


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A fun few weeks!!

I was putting the grocries away and when I turned back around Capri had broken into the tomatoes and was having a lovely snack! She must be Italian!!
We had a few "warm" days so we spent as much time outside as possible! I am not sure if Capri liked Gia licking her yummy toes!
"Peace Out!"

Our sweet Gia!

Gooch taking Gia for a walk!

Boys best friend!

Daddy and Noelle got the bikes ready for season! FINALLY!!!

Noelle and Gooch fell asleep on mommy's lap while we were watching a movie! This is the life!!

Daddy made "YUMMY" crabby pancakes! Who needs IHOP when ya have Frank!!

Last but not least "Uncle Sal" came to visit and even stayed the night! We miss him and his cooking soooooooooooooo much!! xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Ross!!

We had a great day getting to know Bree's Fiance', Ross! We went to Tempanyaki for dinner and it was so yummy! Ross is very nice and has a great sense of humor! Fun day!